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About the Academy 


To lead Arkan International Academy in the Sultanate of Oman and the Gulf region in the field of continuing education and professional, administrative and technical development.

the message

Working to enable individuals, public and private sector institutions, and various segments of society to develop positively and help them unleash latent human potential, leading to raising competitiveness and achieving the highest levels of individual and institutional performance.



  • Arkan International Academy seeks to contribute effectively to community development by expanding the base of beneficiaries of the academy’s services to include all segments of society by providing training, advisory and technical services.  The academy aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Contributing to raising the efficiency of community members and developing their knowledge and abilities by providing a diverse number of high-quality applied training programs.

  • Raising levels of institutional performance and competitiveness by providing consulting services in various specialties to public and private sector institutions.

  • Contributing to and advancing professional development through employing and investing in the academy’s human and technical capabilities.

  • Developing professional partnerships of mutual benefit between the Academy and various local, regional and international institutions so that they contribute to community development.


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