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Complaints & Suggestions

Complaint and Suggestion System

The "Complaints and Suggestions Management" system was launched at the center based on Arkan Training Academy's commitment to providing the best services to its customers and its relentless quest to develop its performance. By launching such a system, the Academy aimed to reach the satisfaction of its customers, provide services exceeding their expectations, and consider their opinions and feedback as a reference to improve our performance and the quality of our services.



Receiving complaints via e-mail or complaints form

The Customer Relations Department organizes complaints and objections; records them in its system and then submits them to the concerned parties. This file, hopefully, will guide you if you want to file a complaint

Accepting and Rejecting Complaints

Through such a mechanism, we aim to facilitate the process to the concerned party, as any complaints can be filed for any reason related to actions or decisions that the Center's management has failed to carry out, take, or implement in a proper, fair, or legal manner.

So, anyone can file a complaint provided that it is within the Center's scope of work

The complainant shall be requested to identify himself, clearly explain the complaint's subject, what he expects to conduct, and provide detailed and relevant information regarding the complaint when submitting it, if possible.

The complaint shall be filed within ten days of its occurrence, and any delay in filing shall not be considered.

The competent authorities respond to the complaint within 5 working days

Kindly attach any documents, e-mail, and all evidence related to the complaint.

Kindly inform the concerned parties, "Customer Relations Department", of the complaint and define its acceptability.

Upon accepting the complaint, a specific time is set for resolving it and the complainant is notified of the date normally expected to sent the response.

The complainant will be notified of the compliant rejection, along with the reasons attached.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the results of his complaint's procedures, he can then file an immediate affirmative complaint or submit another one to a higher authority (The Public Administration).

All complaints are addressed strictly confidential.

Concerned authorities have the right to investigate the matter or review the management's compliance with relevant rules, regulations and provisions such as policies and standards.

Complaint addressing method varies as per:

  • Complaint type and its complexity

  • Applied Procedures

  • The preliminary assessment that explains whether there are reasons that justify the complaint or not

  • Facts disclosed during the assessment or investigation process

The relevant individuals shall definitively take the decision; document recommendations and reports concerning the complaint, and the complainant shall therefore be informed.

  • You have a complaint

  • You have a suggestion

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