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Terms and Conditions

- The trainee is obligated to attend the full duration of the training course and shall be excluded from the program if his absence exceeds 25% of the specified training hours. Then, he is not entitled to apply for a certificate of attendance the training course.

- The trainee shall not be entitled to obtain a certificate if the trainer negatively evaluates him throughout the training course, due to his failure to comprehend the course curriculum in a way that qualifies him to obtain a certificate with an evaluation from the subject trainer.

- The trainee shall not be entitled to recover the participation costs after paying and reserving the seat, except if the training program is postponed or canceled by the training center.

- The Center shall be entitled to use the e-mail and mobile phone registered in the Registration Form to state any updates regarding the Center's activities, such as training courses, workshops, and any other marketing information.

Here are the payment methods available at the Center for registering in the training course: payment upon attendance (cash) - electronic payment - payment via bank transfer

- The Center does not assist in obtaining any visas for expatriates or non-residents of the country, as the responsibility for obtaining such a visa falls solely on the trainee.

- The Center shall be entitled to postpone the course if a quorum of the trainees is not reached or due to any emergency circumstances to the trainer, or any events related to the external, internal, or virtual training halls, and the trainees are informed of the course postponement.

- It is prohibited to talk inside the training halls regarding any political, religious, or ethnic topics or any topics that are away from the course.

- The training course brochure, its conditions as well, and all the relevant details should be known carefully before registration.

- The trainee must fill out all forms and applications requested before and during the course.

- The intellectual property rights of scientific materials and training packages must be preserved and these materials must not be published without obtaining written approval from the Training Center.

- The rights of others must be respected, as well as good dealings with other trainees and employees at the Training Center

- The proper and decent attire must be adhered by to attend courses and maintain common sense.- It is prohibited to eat, drink, or smoke in places other than designated for that purpose.

- The trainee shall maintain the Center's property, uses it only for its intended purposes and does not expose it to damage or loss

- The trainee shall comply with the security and safety requirements and use of preventive means in places and works determined by the competent authorities

- Regarding filling complaints and suggestions via the Academy's website or email, the complaint will be responded to within five working days from its date

- The trainee shall not be present inside the Center after working hours, except with prior permission from the Center's management.

- Adherence to the start and end dates of training courses.

- Adherence to parking the car in the designated places 

- Adherence to cleanliness and tranquility within the Center's facilities.

- The trainee must agree to our Terms and Conditions prior to registering in a training course

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